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Unable to do Flickr API queryWhen it comes to collecting baseball cards, everyone has their favorites. Some collect a specific player, such as Mickey Mantle baseball cards. Others prefer certain teams. For example, New York Yankees baseball cards. Many collector’s choose to focus on specific sets, like the 1958 Topps baseball set.

And here is some great news! If you are looking for baseball cards, you have found a great place to shop, here at FE Sports.

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What is Market Monday?

Market monday is our way of keeping you informed as to what is happening in the sports world and more importantly, the sports cards world. Every Monday we will let you know what players are rising in value and who is falling in value. We generate this report from a variety of sources, including local sales, national sales, and most importantly, a market report directly from Beckett Media. Check us out every Monday at for Market Monday!

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What Is Fresh Friday?

Fresh Friday is our way of keeping you up to date on what is new in our inventory. We’ve got more than 500,000 cards in inventory right now. So it’s not always noticeable when we add new products. So, every Friday we will inform you of the changes and additions to our inventory. We regularly add new product, and hundreds of vintage baseball cards to our inventory. Whether you are a set builder or collect teams, players, autographs, etc., you can find out what is new at FE Sports and by checking out our weekly Fresh Friday reports.

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Collecting a Piece of the Past with Vintage Baseball Playing Cards

Nowadays when you are at the grocery retailer or your favorite interest shop you would possibly see hoards and hoards of massive shiny gaudy 1958 Topps card boxes.  I still collect cards immediately as a result of I love baseball and it keeps me excited about those 162 video games and the stars that play them. 

However, classic baseball cards maintain a special place in many collectors’ hearts compared to day’s baseball cards.  Vintage baseball cards remind us of the legends we solely hear about or see on the high most statistical record books.  These cards are also more unique as a result of at the moment there were most likely only one or two card firms which meant accumulating these uncommon baseball playing cards can be a long hunt with a terrific reward on the end. 

For some collector’s these classic baseball cards join them with their little one hood and remembering when they first purchased the same superior cards for pennies.  Most individuals recall sticking them of their bike spokes or moms throwing them out whenever you moved out, however vintage baseball cards are still a part of the baseball card group right now and often a scorching commodity.  Classic baseball cards will also be highly valuable.  Our connection to legends corresponding to Mickey Mantle , Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax, and Willie Mays can be discovered within the window to the past that classic baseball playing cards provide.  We baseball fans are spoiled today with each recreation on TV or the internet but vintage baseball playing cards were how followers remembered their favourite gamers and teams.  Even after I was kid I can keep in mind buying and selling with pals or other collectors attempting to trace down all my favorite Washington Senators playing cards and being grateful that I held on to them today.  Not all classic baseball cards are still in good condition lately but having an old card regardless of the condition can convey a smile to your face and a narrative to your mind of what it meant to you if you have been just a little one.

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What Is Market Monday?

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